Quilligan Scally Architects

Kelly's Sea Spa, Rosslare, Co. Wexford

About the project: Proximity to the sea is central to the concept of spa treatments and is reflected in the use of natural materials such as stone, timber and sea pebbles in this project, with rendered walls incorporating granite sand, sandblasted to reveal the mica content, reminiscent of beach sand. The experience of the building is a tactile one, with surfaces changing under hand and foot, as they would in the natural environment. In particular interior locations in the building, such as the waiting area and the ladies' relaxation room, framed vistas are created out to sea. The dramatic double-height pool hall features a heated therapeutic seawater pool, and visitors can swim out through a glass screen into the landscaped garden. The building's facades are east-, south- and west-facing, admitting sunlight to the spa throughout the day. The hydrotherapy pool faces due south, and sunlight is maximised through a full-height glazed screen.

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